Midsumma Festival 2013

Event Systems had the privilege to supply network infrastructure to Midsumma Festival for their opening event “Carnival” held at Birrarung Marr on January 13th.Carnival production manager Ryan Barwood contacted Event Systems with a simple brief.  Reliable internet connectivity for two box offices located on Middle and Lower Terraces of Birrarung Marr wireless access for handheld scanners. Telstra were already supplying 4G modems for the provision of internet to the site, however there were concerns from both Event Systems and Midsumma, that with heavy crowd loads on the network, a 4G solution may be asking for trouble when providing the only means of selling tickets to a one day event. Event Systems suggested early on that an ADSL solution should be used to provide reliable connectivity for the sole purpose of selling tickets.

Two days before the event Telstra came through and provided a PSTN line to the Middle terrace Box office and an ADSL2+ modem. Event Systems provided all switching and network cabling as well as WiFi infrastructure for the handheld scanners at the Middle terrace entry. Connectivity to the Lower Terrace box office was provided by a PtP Secure radio link. Wireless access proved extremely reliable thanks to the two Aruba 105 Dual Band 2×2 MIMO AP’s in the entry.

Ryan had the following to say about Event Systems service.

The service provided by Event Systems was excellent, Midsumma Festival effectively ran two outdoor event live box offices with ADSL2+ internet for opening day event CARNIVAL. With the support of Event Systems we were configured and operational in a short amount of time, with the right tools and the knowledge that we could call at any time for support. Midsumma Festival look forward to partnering with Event Systems in 2014, and beyond.

If you have the need for a similar service, or have any questions, don’t hesitate to call on 03 9017 4776 or contact us via email at info@eventsystems.com.au


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