Andrew is a fantastic Engineer who we have worked with on a range of projects –  from small conferences to major international events. Andrew’s comprehensive knowledge of broadcast, communications and IT systems and great attention to detail make him a valuable asset in any production environment.

Chris Johnson

Technical Operations Manager

Riedel Communications Australia


Pleasance Theatre Trust runs one of the biggest venues at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, together with one of the largest and most complex temporary data networks.

Due to the nature of the event the network gets extended every year. This is made all the more difficult as it is installed over a two week period from scratch and then dismantled and removed a month later.

In 2011 Event Systems were brought in to assist with this project as there was insufficient in-house man power to deal with the entire set up.

Event Systems provided an invaluable and extremely professional service. Becoming involved in all aspects of the design, build, implementation and management of our data network, box office systems, telephony, wi-fi and CCTV requirements.

We were so impressed with the service, knowledge and expertise they brought to Edinburgh we have engaged them again for 2012.

Andrew Niekirk

IT & Communications Manager

Pleasance Theatre Trust – www.pleasance.co.uk


Event Systems takes the pointy heads into the real world. Great to have someone with a mix of technical and real world solutions on your side.

Tim hall

Managing Director

Resolution X Pty Ltd – www.resolutionx.com.au


The service provided by Event Systems was excellent, Midsumma Festival effectively ran two outdoor event live box offices with ADSL2+ internet for opening day event CARNIVAL. With the support of Event Systems we were configured and operational in a short amount of time, with the right tools and the knowledge that we could call at any time for support. Midsumma Festival look forward to partnering with Event Systems in 2014, and beyond.

Ryan Barwood

Production Manager Carnival and T-Dance

Midsumma Festival – www.midsumma.org.au