Event Systems can provide high quality radio communications with simplex or duplex repeater channels.


RF Distribution

Event Systems can connect every corner of your site with high speed low latency radio links. Using Point to Multi-Point or dedicated Point to Point.


VOIP Telephony

Event Systems can implement a VOIP telephony package to suit any event requirement.



Event Systems can implement reliable networks for all control needs.



Event Systems has the technology to link your site together.

Garden Lighting at the garden of Unearthly Delights


Event Systems has the skills to connect your critical systems together.

Lighting Network for TV Week Logies


Event Systems can sort out your conference networking needs.


Welcome To Event Systems

Event Systems provide professional ICT services to the Events and Entertainment Industry. Our dedicated team will provide you with a solution that exceeds your expectations. We use quality gear from well known vendors as well as custom equipment designed for each situation.

We can help you in all facets of your next events computer and communication needs. We provide bespoke services that typically may be overlooked until the benefits are recognised. Talk to us about reliable IP networks that can transport all your event communications. We can help with Internet connectivity and telephony. With security such a high priority at today’s events, combine CCTV into our network and give your security staff the tools they need.